What is a Precious Metals IRA?

Do you own a retirement account like an IRA or 401k? If so, you are most likely familiar with making regular contributions from your paycheck or through your custodian into a tax advantaged account with the idea that you will receive regular monthly distributions from it as an income stream after you retire. You may even be familiar with the types of investments your account offers and have even made choices regarding the mix of stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles that you have the opportunity to invest in. If you were someone who had this type of account before the great recession of 2008, you also know how vulnerable these types of retirement accounts can be to financial market fluctuations. You may have even lost most if not all of the money you had invested towards your retirement.

The unfortunate truth about traditional retirement accounts like 401ks and IRAs is that they are vulnerable to the financial markets. This is because the investments offered in such accounts are valued against the strength of the U.S Dollar. When the dollar weakens in the face of growing world economic uncertainty, the value of the investments you are invested in and depend on for your retirement income are impacted and weaken as well, leaving your future vulnerable and uncertain.

But, what if there was another way to invest your money for your retirement? A way that will not only let your retirement account grow but protect it against uncertain market conditions. Would you make a change? Of course you would. The good news is that there is an option that is already available for you that allows you to make IRS approved investments in options that are not tied directly tied to the value of the dollar. As a matter of fact, these investments not only prevent you from losing money in the face of another recession, but can actually increase the value of your investment portfolio. These investments include gold, silver, platinum and palladium and are available in a precious metals IRA.

A precious metal IRA operates exactly like any other retirement account. You make regular contributions to it and designate how you want your money to be invested. However, instead of only having traditional investment vehicles to choose from, you can also invest your money in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Being invested in precious metals protects your money when the economy slows down and the dollar loses value. Having these investments in your retirement account means that you never have to worry about whether or not your money will be there when you retire. What’s more is that you still get all of the same benefits as you would from a traditional retirement account. And, opening a precious metals IRA is simple. All you have to do is contact a company that offers precious metals IRA and open an account. You can transfer some or all of your existing savings from your traditional retirement account using a precious metals IRA rollover. It’s really that simple.