Gold IRAs

When you are thinking about making a change in your financial picture, it might be helpful to consider some different options than what you might have thought about before. Traditional savings accounts have a tendency to be rather stagnant and stale – 401K and IRA accounts set up through your employer that do their thing and you don’t really think about them at all. But what if you could take some of those funds and be more dynamic – even while you are becoming safer and more secure?

This is the lodestone of investing with precious metals like gold and silver. Getting physical assets into your investment portfolio is a great way to bring diversity and more safety to your savings than you have previously had. Gold, for example, is one of the most stable substances from an investment standpoint that you will ever know. One reason for this is still what we think of as the “gold standard” – the pinnacle of what it means to be wealthy. Through the centuries, if you were wealthy in developed lands, then you owned gold. It really is no different today – if you want to stay wealthy, you should own gold.

And you can do that with the funds you already have in your 401K or IRA accounts by setting up a gold IRA that converts some of those traditional funds to gold. In order to do this, you need to find a gold IRA custodian that can help you file the paperwork, open the account and help you begin the process of moving your existing retirement savings into your new gold IRA without having to pay taxes or early withdrawal penalties. In most cases, all you will have to do is handle completing the paperwork. The custodian will complete all of the rest of the work involved in opening the account.

Financial forecasters are predicting a gloomy picture coming up for later this year and early on next year, saying that we are headed for another recession – possibly worse than the last and even could push on into depression if it gets bad enough. That possibility is just what is getting a lot of people moving to protect their life savings any way they can. If paper money loses too much value, it could become worthless altogether like it did in the ’30s during the Great Depression – then the ones who have buying power are the ones who own physical assets.

A gold IRA gives you that security, that stability, and you know that when the market drops – as it surely will again – you can have a better future than those who have missed this boat. There has never been a better time for you to make a change in the way you are saving money for your retirement. And a gold IRA can help you reach your retirement savings goals while protecting your savings from loss when financial markets are shaky. Consider opening a gold IRA today.