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After account funding, you can self-direct your retirement dollars into alternative investments.<

Alternative Investment Options That Fit Your Goals

A TAP IRA provides you the opportunity to make investment decisions entirely on your own, based on your interests. From real estate to precious metals, you have a wide range of assets to secure wealth for your financial future.

Precious Metals IRA

Adding gold and other precious metals to your portfolio can help diversify and add security during times when there is an unstable stock market and a weak dollar.

Real Estate IRA

Hard asset like commercial and investment properties (not for personal or family use), can count towards your retirement.

Private Lending IRA

Secured and unsecured loans are one of the fastest growing alternative investing options available as part of your self directed IRA.

Private Placements IRA

Private placements IRA allow you to invest in LLCs, C corporations, partnerships, pooled investment funds, small businesses, and land trusts.

Energy, Oil & Gas IRA

The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection

Bitcoin IRA

Did you know that you can invest in bitcoin as part of your self directed IRA?

What are the benefits of opening a TAP IRA?

Opening a TAP IRA offers great benefits such as:

Self Directed

Self-directed IRAs are allowed to hold any asset such as precious metals, real estate, hedge funds, limited liability companies, promissory notes and other alternative investments. By allowing you to invest in assets you have knowledge and comfort in, you have better control of your wealth.

Tax Advantages

Like traditional IRAs, a TAP IRA offers tax-deferred growth, meaning you don’t have to pay tax on gains the account earns until time of withdrawal. This allows your portfolio to grow tax-free without interruption.


Wider range of asset options, helps maximize returns.
By diversifying your portfolio with various asset classes, you are protected against unexpected market shifts. A diversified portfolio reduces risk and can help investors achieve a better long-term return.


Safeguard your portfolio against market volatility and uncertainty.
With the growing uncertainty of our economy, you can face huge losses to your portfolio assets if they’re limited to stocks and bonds. With a diversified TAP IRA, your investments have a higher risk return with full asset protection.

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